Muscle & Classic Car Shows in Australia

wing tail lightClassic and muscle car shows are very popular in Australia. These events provide a lot of entertainment for every member of the family, especially those who LOVE cars! When you visit any of these shows, you will get the opportunity to look at some of the most stunning classic cars in the country, all meticulously restored, maintained, and buffed by their proud owners.

What Makes Classic Cars Classic?

The cars built between 1946 and 1985 make up many of the classic cars you see at the shows today. These cars have some unique qualities that are not found in other cars. They have a power clutch, automatic lubrication systems, power brakes, engine displacement, and luxury accessories. If a car does not have these qualities, then to some,it is not a classic. Many shows will incorporate later makes and models into the one car show so it is not uncommon to see new vehicles and pre WWII vehicles as you stroll around the exhibition.

chev bel air classic carWhen you visit a classic and muscle car show, you will be surprised at the price of these rare cars. They are highly priced because of the unique aesthetic qualities they have. Billion dollar business people love the cars and purchase them mostly for luxury, although many owners are restorers who have built the car as a hobby from the ground up. Often with just the bare bones of the original. have an extensive collection of classic cars for sale with cars ranging from $29,000 all the way to up half a million dollars! They claim that people from all walks of life buy their vehicles and that there is no specific type of purchaser besides an unwavering love of automobiles.

When the Second World War ended, manufacturers of these cars decided to modify the classic cars and change the styles. They made some improvements in the engines and other important parts.vintage pre world war car

The newly developed classic cars were mostly used in the old Hollywood movies. The advanced cars had a removable trunk, headlights, and other essential accessories. However, the classic cars had low speed. Some of these cars were never mass-produced, and you will only find them in some of the larger classic car shows around the world. More classic cars like the T-Model Ford were introduced later in the 19th century, and the manufacturers of this brand are currently making high-speed vehicles. They are famous everywhere in the world.

T Model Ford

When you visit the classic car shows, you will note that the cars do not prioritize safety. When you decide to purchase this type of car, you have to be very careful while driving. Many of the cars do not have seat belts, they lack crumple zones, and they do not have roll-over protection. When you compare the brake performance with the current standards, you will also find that they are poor. A driver has to be extremely careful and control the speed of the car at all times. More often than not, the spare parts for classic cars are scarce, and is the main reason that using the vehicles daily is discouraged in some countries.

The Volvo Amazon is one of the most iconic classic cars ever built. It was a piece of great work famous in 1956. The company manufacturing these cars prioritized safety on most of its range with the Volvo Amazon being the first classic car to have seat belts. To this day, the Amazon are still frequently used, proving that they are entirely reliable. If you decide to buy this car, you will notice that its accessories such a headlights and brakes are available for replacement when the car is damaged. These qualities have made the Amazon a very successful classic car. This model, and many others from the Volvo range are found in classic car shows around the globe.

classic vehicle

Classic cars have antique value in the market as the originals cannot be replicated as the factories that made them no longer exist. If you would like to get one for yourself, you can find them in showrooms, and in old car museums. Most of the time, they are bought for use on special occasions and for the lazy Sunday afternoon drive. Nowadays, many weddings use these cars. If you are not able to buy the car because of the high prices, you can just hire it for a day or two for the occasion. Bel Air 1957 classic cars

Whatever your level of involvement in the world of classic cars may be, the level of joy these unique machines bring to car lovers remains the same. With a thriving world community, you can rest assured that the world’s automotive history will be restored and ready to be enjoyed for many centuries to come! If you’re interested in getting down to a car show in your area check out Cars of Australia for a comprehensive event guide.

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