Best Australian Sport To Play In Summer

Summer is always a great time of the year in Australia. It’s the time when schools are on holidays making a perfect time. This makes it the perfect to have fun with a family, particularly by getting involved in most of the popular summer sports in Australia. But you’ve to select the right sport.

 Australian Criket

Top Summer Australian Sports

Aside from beach volleyball in Brisbane, here is also a list of top summer sports in Australia to choose from.

1.    Cricket

Cricket is one of the greatest social sports enjoyed by most Australians. It’s ideal for your kids since it’s easy and fun to play. It does not require much equipment, and they can play it in your backyard.  If you need skills, there are numerous summer holiday cricket programs all over Australia offering cricket classes. This is the perfect program to keep the kids engaged. Cricket is also a physical game and can help your kid to keep fit.

2.    Soccer

Australian SoccerSoccer is probably the most played summer sport in Australia. In fact, it has taken the top position in the list of the games most enjoyed by kids in Australia. It’s among the easiest sports to learn and to play- just kick a ball. With even a small space in your compound, your kids can have a perfect sport to make their summer great. You can also prefer taking them to soccer training camps to get more skills and get to meet with other kid of their age.

3.    Basketball

Basketball is one of the popular indoor summer sports. It’s also an easy to learn the sport, and with a few instructions, you can start having fun. The best thing about basketball is that it can be played by kids of all age and gender. It’s a very physical sport thus making it the perfect choice to keep fit and healthy as a family. Australia has basketball camps where you can get training to play like a pro.

4.    Netball

Australian NetballNetball is the perfect sport for your daughter in the summer season. Just like basketball, it’s a physical sport that’s also easy to play. In fact, it is classified as one of the cardio activities that can help in keeping the body fit. Although it’s a female sport, there will no harm enjoying it as a family.

5.    Tennis

Tennis is the perfect option for people of all gender and ages. The best thing about the sport is that you only need two people to enjoy. It’s useful for creating body fitness and can be played by any age and gender. It’s a simple game, and you can learn the skills online.


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