5 Tips for Baby Boomer Tennis Players

5 Fitness Tips for Baby Boomer Tennis Players

Do you realize that baby boomers make up approximately twelve percent of tennis players in Australia? That number is continuing to grow! The benefits – both cardiovascular and aerobic – attract and retain the boomers, especially those who are member of fitness clubs that have tennis courts. Baby boomers make up 22 percent of the revenue in the tennis industry, and approximately half of those are “frequent” players.

tennis exercises for older playersBetween 2013 and 2014, tennis grew in double digits in the overall population. This growth was mostly caused by the baby boomer generation. As more and more individuals fall into that category, the sporting industry as a whole is beginning to shift its focus to what will very soon be the largest age group in the country. For the next 19 years, about 10,000 people each day will turn 65. Baby boomers are the “New” Older Market and are planning on continuing with an active lifestyle in their retirement.

So, what are some exercises you can do to enhance your tennis game? We spoke with Brendan McCann; Brisbane’s leading exercise physiologist from Live Well Rehab who was more than happy to give us some basic exercises to work into your tennis exercise program.

These exercises have been suggested with the baby boomer demographic in mind and many of these can be used safely by those in the recovery process of knee and shoulder injuries as well as other musculoskeletal therapy programs. Be sure to check with your physical therapist if you are unsure which exercises are suitable.

1) Do some exercises (lunges) to strengthen your hips and legs. Make sure you take the time to stretch your legs well after you play while your muscles are still warm. This will keep you from getting sore the day after you play.

2) Do some interval training on a treadmill twice a week to improve your cardio.

3) Every day for three minutes at a time, jump rope to improve your stamina and footwork. When you first start, three minutes is going to be tough,  tennis exercises baby boomersso just try to do one hundred jumps. Then, stop and catch your breath and try one hundred more. Work your way up to three minutes.

4) Join in some group lessons that include drills. These are a wonderful way to improve your tennis game. Make sure that you practice with both younger and older players, those that are at the same skill level and higher than you, and play both doubles and singles. This will give you a good rounding of practice to better your game.

5) If you find that you are out of breath after a long rally, do something else to delay things a bit so that you can catch your breath. Always make sure that you are breathing when you’re in the middle of a difficult rally- exhale (make a grunting noise) when you hit the ball.

Gone are the days when the older generation sat around in rocking chairs- they are much more active than ever before! The cardiovascular and aerobic benefits of tennis are attracting more and more baby boomers to this sport. These tips will help this group to improve their game- and their fitness! For a selection of faster paced exercises to improve your fitness check out the video below!

If you have any questions about what exercises are suitable for you to perform safely during injury rehabilitation, be sure to contact the team at Live Well Rehab on Facebook or Google+

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